A downloadable nightmare

Big sweaty heads love to party 

I'm sure we've all heard that phrase once or twice in our lives.

Try to stay in the light to avoid the attention of these Big Head Guys who are always crowding the club!

Be sure not to drain the lights by standing inside for too long, otherwise they might all go away and that would be so sad for you when the Big Head Guys are around.

Dance as much as you can while using the lights for safety by tapping the Q and E buttons when the special Head is in place! It might be difficult at first if you try to rush but look out for patterns and maybe you'll make it through!


Please come visit me in the final level I am so lonely!


WASD: To move around.
Mouse: To look around.
Alternate between Q & E to follow the beat and fill the meter.

@El_fideo_rubio: Technical art, Technical design, AI programming.
Kumashov Composer:  Score & SFX, Character art, Level Design, Web Design.

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AuthorsTooManyTeethGames, El fideo rubio
GenreSurvival, Platformer, Rhythm
TagsHorror, obscure, strange, Surreal


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